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Hollywall Entertainment, Inc. (“HWAL”) Announces Major Transaction Involving Music Assets, Unleashing Potential of NFTs and Blockchain, and Stock Dividend to Create Additional Value for Shareholders”

Hollywall Entertainment, Inc. (“Hollywall” or “HWAL”) (OTC Pink: HWAL) is pleased to announce the completion of a transaction involving the sale of assets from its music catalog (the “Catalog”) to Melody Trust, Inc. (“Melody”), As a result of this transaction a stock dividend will be distributed to HWAL shareholders.

Unique NFT Collections Available Soon!

RockDawgs NFT Collection

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Curating and Preserving
the Music and Entertainment Creativity of Our Times…

Melody Trust has developed a “state of the art” digital music network that distributes music from the Melody Trust Music Library, as well as other available music, film, and video libraries to consumers worldwide. The Melody Trust Network has been constructed to sell single song downloads, artist album downloads, ringtones and to license music for commercial use.

  • Melody Trust Music produces Legacy Music and video collector sets for retail, wholesale, download sales, and streaming services.
  • Melody Trust is aggressive and visionary in its approach to market its music direct through all media outlets. These outlets will include domestic and international broadcast, cable, satellite, news media portals, social media portals, and online music retailers.
  • Melody Trust has already negotiated with many of the outlets to air commercials on a PI basis (or as a joint Marketing partner).
  • Melody Trust is in development as an advertising / membership-based digital network in conjunction with a major entertainment representation firm.
  • Melody Trust Publishing licenses its music from its catalog for use in television, films, theater release, and remix recordings from internationally known artists.
  • Melody Trust Music Library has been preserved for over twenty years and contains some of the rarest and most coveted unpublished recordings from countless Legendary Music Recording Artists.
  • Melody Trust has negotiated and continues to contract with multiple recording artists(s) to re-record songs from the Melody Trust Music Catalog,
  • Melody Trust has negotiated and continues to contract with multiple recording artists(s) to re-record songs from the Melody Trust Music Catalog.
  • Melody Trust licenses music from its catalog for use in television, films, and for advertising commercials.
  • Melody Trust is in negotiation to acquire several high-profile income-producing television programming libraries.
  • The company has formed a new R&D division to implement the use of Blockchain, NFTs, token omics and cryptocurrency technologies in the development of the Melody Trust digital delivery platform.